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Jul. 7th, 2009


............Wait. I can't illegally underage drink anymore.


Not dead.

Nope, not dead.


You know what time it is

Yeah, it's the end of the semester. Which means list. Sorted by class. List is tentative because I'm procrastinating and don't know dates. I'll figure it out tomorrow night.

-Article summary due 4/27
-Article reading and question due 4/22
-Final paper due 5/15


-Final paper
-Thought paper #2
-Thought paper #3

-Take home essay
-Final test
-Take home essay

-Piloting 4/23

Deam Log

I really, really wish I could make this shit up. REALLY.

Cut for Twilight bashing, Friendly Hostility characters, and my own shame.Collapse )

I have so many things to say about it, but I'll just settle for sometimes, my brain fucking scares me.


'Scuse me for a second

I'm only going to say this once:

1. Kyou Kara Maou SUCKS. I wasted days of my life watching it. End of story.
2. Why is it so fucking hard to find a wallpaper of Syaoran or Eriol by themselves?
3. On that note: yes, Sakura is great, but STOP TALKING ABOUT HER.
4. Junjou Romantica is good. STOP ruining it with your fucking girly obsessive fangirl crap.
5. Why are all anime wallpapers shit? Seriously. They're just shit.
6. No my roommate is not around. No I have no idea where she is. NO I DO NOT ENJOY WATCHING YOU STARE AT ME WHILE YOU MOUTH BREATHE. GO. AWAY.
7. Fuck you reslife. Fuck you in the ass with a pole.
8. College students are some of the stupidest, laziest,simultaneously ego-manical and least self-respecting people I have ever met.
9. STOP sending me videos I have already seen. NOT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET CRAPS GOLD.
10. If I hear you say those two words one more time, I'm gonna snap and tell you to stop being a bitch. Seriously.



Not a real post...

Shanzi: I so have to finish up the yarn for ours...
Me: <333 *purrr*
Me: matching fertility dolls lol
Shanzi: ~snerks~ >>
Me: *DIES giggling*
Shanzi: We're so sad lol
Me: replace that with awesome and you're right
Shanzi: LOL

...But it's damn funny. I should start updating again.



Okay, so... that was not the break I was expecting.

Matt's mom called me before I came back to say she had "some" work for me at the place I did some work for a year or so ago. I thought they'd need me through New Years and then I'd be done, but apparently they wanted me straight through my break full time! :O So I worked my butt off for them through my whole break and didn't get a damn thing done. I've got a sizable chunk of money stashed away in my savings account though, so that'll be good. I am graduating in a year, I really should start tucking some money away.

I am back at school now though. I have my first class in an hour. My schedule is pretty lax comparatively, so I'm happy about that. This weekend I'm going down to New York to see Sam-face, and hopefully Nelle will join us. I'm looking forward to it, it'll be chill with lots of good food and genretasticness.

As for the drabble/fic requests from you three ladies, YES I am doing them. I started out with Tam's and it's turning out to be way too damn long. I'll finish it this week, post it up and get working on the other two. I love you guys.

Bandwagon whore...

Hell. Everyone else is taking drabble requests. Why not me too. I'm mostly doing it for Shanzi and Sam, who are seriously the BEST TWO FUCKING PEOPLE EVER for putting up with me during finals season.

So ladies (all of you, I don't think I have any male friends on my flist...), what would you like? My list of genres is small, comparatively, but you all know what you like.

- Harry Potter (and any sub genres contained therein, of which there are a LOT)
- Card Captor Sakura
- Tokyo Babylon
- X/1999
- Twilight Dreaming (if Tam says I can write some drabbly fanfics)
- Shanzi and Six's amazing RP universe filled of twinbraining AWESOME
- Junjou Romantica
- Firefly (it might be shite, but I'll try)
- Just comment if you have something else. I'll see if I can pull it off.

I'm going to be really sad if none of you let me do anything for you. Consider it a Christmas gift to all of you. I need to flex my writing muscles anyway. HOP TO. MAKE ME DO A LOT OF THEM. I'm going to go load up my car, take a final, and go home now. @_@;

This is me bitching.

I've been popping pain pills since yesterday, and this morning it was so bad I could barely move my neck. Why did this have to happen now? WHY? Seriously, I have 2 finals in 3 hours. I don't need this.

Fuck. Kill me.


This was just fucking WEIRD. Right after I posted the CCS thing, I got an IM. Note: I was somewhat okay with what was going on until the end, when I realized I was talking to a raging asshole.

WTF?Collapse )

Dear god I hope it doesn't happen again when I post this.